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Recruiting Program

At Express Notary, we know that our signing agents are a key factor to our service level and success. That is why we have implemented a recruiting program aimed at placing knowledgeable and professional signing agents in all significant markets throughout the United States. We look for notaries with experience in dealing with real estate documents and/or a background in real estate, title, escrow, legal, or financing.

If you feel you have what it takes to be part of our team, we want to hear from you. Please complete the following information to be submitted for review.

ZIP Code:
Home Number:
Work Number:
Cell Phone Number:
Pager Number:
Home Fax Number:
Work Fax Number:
E-Mail Address:
Date of Birth:
Document Delivery Address:
ZIP Code:
Are You Currently a Notary? Yes No
How Long Have You Been a Notary?
Do You Speak Any Languages Other Than English? If So, Please Explain:
Are You Familiar with Real Estate/Loan Documents? Briefly Explain Your Experience with Handling Such Documents:
Current Line of Work:
Can You Receive Calls from Us at Work? Yes No
When Are You Available to Meet with Customers?

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